Impian 150 tahun Sultan Abdul Mejid tercapai- TURKI BINA TEROWONG HUBUNGKAN ASIA DENGAN EROPAH !

King Abdul Majid bin Mahmud   (1839-1861)- memperkenalkan lagu kebangsaan Turki Osmaniah

                                                              King Abdul Majid, Queen Victoria&Napeleon 3

[Infographic] A 150-year-old dream comes true

Impian Sultan Abdul Majid 150 tahun dahulu menjadi kenyataan dengan rasminya apabila terowong bawah laut selat Bosphorus yang menghubungkan Eropah dan Asia dirasmikan semalam. Ianya adalah terowong bawah laut pertama di dunia yang menghubungkan dua benua.

“Nenek moyang kita memikirkannya (projek itu). Terpulang kepada kita untuk merealisasikannya,” kata Perdana Menteri Turkey, Encik Recep Tayyip.

Berita selanjutnya boleh lihat dibawah.

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkey on Tuesday formally opened the world’s first sea tunnel connecting two continents, fulfilling a sultan’s dream 150 years ago in a three-billion-euro mega project driven by the Islamic-rooted government.

The 13.6-kilometre (8.5 mile) long tunnel linking Istanbul’s European and Asian sides includes an immersed tube tunnel which officials say is the world’s deepest at 60 metres (nearly 200 feet) below the seabed.

The inauguration of the ambitious scheme — dubbed “the project of the century” by the government — coincides with the 90th anniversary of the founding of modern Turkey.

“Turkey will celebrate two feasts together,” Transport Minister Binali Yildirim said earlier this month.

“We will mark the 90th anniversary of the republic on October 29 and also realise a one-and-a-half century dream of a major rail tunnel project in Istanbul.”

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A worker holds a cat in the Marmaray Tunnel under the …

A worker holds a cat in the Marmaray Tunnel under the Bosphorus on April 18, 2013, in Istanbul (AFP  …

The tunnel in the country’s main gateway city is part of a larger “Marmaray” project that also includes an upgrade of existing suburban train lines to create a 76-kilometre (47-mile) line that links the two continents.

The idea was first floated by Ottoman sultan Abdoul Medjid in 1860 but technical equipment at the time was not good enough to take the project further.

However the desire to build an undersea tunnel grew stronger in the 1980s and studies also showed that such a tunnel would be feasible and cost-effective.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a former mayor of Istanbul, revived the plan in 2004 as one of his mega projects for the bustling city of 16 million people — which also include a third airport, a third bridge across the Bosphorus and a canal parallel to the international waterway to ease traffic.

His ambitions were one cause for the massive anti-government protests that swept the country in June, with local residents complaining the premier’s urban development plans were forcing people from their homes and destroying green space.

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Employees work in the Marmaray Tunnel under the Bosphorus …

Employees work in the Marmaray Tunnel under the Bosphorus on April 18, 2013, in Istanbul (AFP Photo/ …

Erdogan’s critics accuse him of bringing forward the inauguration of the Bosphorus tunnel in time for municipal elections in March 2014.

The project will not be fully operational immediately and construction is expected to continue for several more years.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was also present at the official opening ceremony as the Japan Bank for International Cooperation was the main financer contributing 735 million euros ($1 billion) to the project.

Construction of the tunnel started in 2004 and had been scheduled to take four years but was delayed after a series of major archaeological discoveries.

Some 40,000 objects were excavated from the site, notably a cemetery of some 30 Byzantine ships, which is the largest known medieval fleet.

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Employees work in the Marmaray Tunnel under the Bosphorus …

Employees work in the Marmaray Tunnel under the Bosphorus on April 18, 2013, in Istanbul (AFP Photo/ …

But these unexpected finds eventually frustrated Erdogan, who complained two years ago that artefacts were trumping his plans to transform Istanbul’s cityscape.

“First (they said) there was archaeological stuff, then it was clay pots, then this, then that. Is any of this stuff more important than people?”

Transport is a major problem in Istanbul, and each day two million people cross the Bosphorus via two usually jammed bridges.

“While creating a transportation axis between the east and west points of the city, I believe it will soothe the problem… with 150,000 passenger capacity per hour,” said Istanbul’s mayor Kadir Topbas.


Pertama kali dalam sejarah roket Hamas sampai ke Tel Aviv.Ini menggerunkan Israel.Teknologi penyerangan Hamas telah meningkat .Ini bermakna jika Hamas mendapat teknologi persenjataan yang canggih ia akan dapat mempertahankan kedaulatannya. Musuh yang kejam  akan tergamam jika lawannya  seimbang .Syabas Hamas kerana mampu mengeluarkan senjata yang telah  menggugat Israel.

Adalah diharapkan perubahan akan terus berlaku di Timur Tengah dengan naiknya puak yang pro gerakan Islam di Mesir , Syria, Jordan dan Libya .SEJARAH akan berulang.Sallehuddin Al Ayubi mengalahkan dan  menguasai negara -negara  di sekitar Palestin sebelum mengalahkan tentera-tentera Salibiah.

Peta Timur Tengah akan berubah.Ada 3  kuasa yang kuat. Iran dengan kekuatan tentera dan kecanggihan senjata,Turki yang maju teknologi dan Mesir yang mewakli kepimpinan Arab.Hasil paduan dan kerjasama dan kefahaman terhadap Islam faktor pemersatu ,  kebangkitan Islam insya Allah akan berlaku. Hayati kenyataan Saidina Omar Al Khattab :

Dahulu kita adalah sehina-hina manusia di atas muka bumi .Allah memuliakan kita dengan ISLAM.Jika kita mencari kemuliaan atas yang selain daripada ISLAM ,Allah akan menghina kita dengan serendah-rendah kehinaan.

Inilah yang sedang berlaku ke atas dunia Arab dan dunia Islam seumummya. Hayati firman Allah dalam surah Al Baqarah ayat 129 maksud :

Tidak sekali-kai tidak orang -orang Yahudi, begitu Nasrani akan reda kepada kamu  sehingga kamu mengikuti agama mereka.Katakanlah sebaik-baik petunjuk adalah petunjuk Allah.Apabila pengetahuan datang kepada kami dan kamu masih mengikuti  kehendak mereka pada ketika Allah berlepas diri daripada kamu dan tidak akan membantu kamu lagi. Al Quran : (2) Al Baqarah : Ayat 120


Never will the Jews or the Christians beatisfied with thee unlessthou follow Their form of religion Say: “The guidance of God that is the guidance ” Wert thou to follow their desires after the knowledge  which hath reached thee then wouldst thou find neither protector not helper from God  –  translation from Al Baqarah 2 : 120


Rare daylight meteor seen, heard over Nevada, California  April 23, 2012

A meteor streaks above the skies of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in this file photo of August 12, 2009. A rare daytime meteor was seen and heard streaking over northern Nevada and parts of California on April 22, 2012. – Reuters pic

LOS ANGELES, April 23 – A rare daytime meteor was seen and heard streaking over northern Nevada and parts of California yesterday, just after the peak of an annual meteor shower.Observers in the Reno-Sparks area of Nevada reported seeing a fireball at about 8am local time, accompanied or followed by a thunderous clap that experts said could have been a sonic boom from the meteor or the sound of it breaking up high over the Earth.

“It probably would have exploded as it entered the atmosphere,” said Mike Smith, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service office in Sacramento, California.

The Reno-Gazette Journal reported in an online account that the booming noise set off alarms at a Walmart store in Carson City, Nevada’s capital, and was felt in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin and into California.

The visible display of the meteor was described as dazzling.

“I was out … hiking in the mountains (and) saw this great, big, white ball streaming across the sky to the west,” Ellen Pillard, a Reno resident, told the Journal. “Then it just disappeared.” Minutes later, she said, she heard a “boom.”

“It was just amazing,” Pillard said. “I thought maybe I was dreaming.”

The meteor was reported seen in California from Sacramento to Orange County, hundreds of miles to the south. But the fireball went unnoticed in much of the Los Angeles area and other parts of Southern California because of cloudy skies.

While meteors visible at night typically range in size from a pebble to a grain of sand, a meteor large enough to be seen during daylight hours would presumably be as big as a baseball or softball, Smith said. – Reuters

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