According to Jacques Ellul, French Christian Anarchist author of ‘Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes’, 1965, wrote, “Modern propaganda, cannot work without ‘education’.

The Sufi Shaykh, Ian Dallas aka Abdal Qadir Al-Murabit, took from this to go on in his seminal study, The Sign of The Sword, (paraphrasing), ‘Modern man is easily controlled by a few symbols on the stock exchange, driving them to jump down from buildings.’

This, in essence, goes deep into the make up of modern society, where the first necessary evil, education, has so brainwashed the populace into accepting that the only instruments of survival are a piece of useless paper called a college degree, even more useless pieces of paper called money, and a Right-Left bipartisan set of political manifestos that are useless as soon as the next party becomes the govt of the day.

The populace is kept into a work-play syndrome (Ian Dallas’ words) instead of a fight-pray civilization, the true nature of humanity since time immemorial.

The servile scholastic humanities have been ‘reforming’ the wild war-like humanity into feminine castratic masses, unaware of its neurotic pharma defined life-style, ridden with debts from birth till death.

Having said that, a good problem, what then is the solution? Though Ian Dallas has offered his in his many teachings, i have only one practical one. Stop sending your kids to schools, educate them in your trade, choosing from the many fardhu kifayah. For me it is replacing SAP that is dominant player in a USD50 billion per annum Dajjal that envelops every known database application at the top.